Friday, April 5, 2013

Wedding Planning!

I just wanted to share some of the images of our wedding planning so far...just no pictures of the dress!  ;-)

This is the ring that started it all. I am so in love with it. It is delicate, sparkly, and everything I could have dreamed of.

THIS is our venue. A beautiful, vintage restored barn. Complete with stained glass hanging from the ceiling!

These are our invitations, I love love them! We printed them ourselves, and I think they turned out great!

 I love the unique wording we chose for our rsvps cards....take a look!

Also, along the way, we made these utensil holders. We ended up deciding not to use them, and to go another route. But, they were cute!


And last, but not least...this is how I asked my ladies to be part of our big day! My mom and I made the cupcakes ourselves. I bought the package and the ribbon and put them together!

This has been so fun! I cannot wait until the big day, and to see how all of this hard work comes together!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Kittens!

Not sure how I forgot to post about our two little girls, but here it is! Before Steve and I settled on our home, we rescued two little kittens. Let me tell you, they were so tiny and pitiful when we got them! We are so happy that we were able to take them in, get them healthy, and love them to death.

They are the silliest, craziest kittens I could have ask for. We refer to them as "the girls" and they are quite the pair.

This is a picture of them the first week we had them. The vet misjudged their age by a month because they were so malnourished.

Stinkin' cute, right? The gray one is Emma, the orange one is Chloe. This is how they look all grown up....

New Layout & Media Stand

Steve and I have been in the house now for 3 months. Things are finally coming together! At first, we were just so happy to have the renovations finished. After that, we started to crave "knick knacks". We wanted the house to look more lived in, more decorated. We are getting there! Since I last posted pictures of our living room, we have rearranged the furniture. Yesterday, we got a new tv stand, which I am IN LOVE with! Below I posted a picture of the tv stand we bought, and our new layout.

We have really enjoyed being out on our own. I really love being able to have our own home to decorate.