Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Color My Bath Review

I purchased these color tablets for Aubrey for Christmas. My daughter typically loves bath time so there were lots of bath toys on Santa's list this year.

These things are so fun. We typically start running the water and then I start asking her about her colors. She knows her colors so well and I really think it's because we use these almost every night. We talk about what colors there are and what color she wants to make her bath. I always put the tablets in the bath for her to avoid any issue with her putting them in her mouth. They only take a minute to dissolve and the colors are beautiful!

The package includes 100 Large and 200 Small Tablets and they come in Red, Yellow, & Blue. I find that the red really looks more like pink (unless you add a bunch of the same color I suppose.) But this works out because she loves pink!  We mix different colors and sizes of tablets to make new colors, but most of the time I just use one large tablet and it's plenty of color for the bath.

The tablets are available on Amazon HERE for $12.99

Announcement Time!

Aubrey is pleased to announce...

That she has big news....

Our family is growing by one this June! Aubrey is too excited to be a big sister. She has taken a strong liking to taking care of her baby dolls in preparation of the new baby coming. However, I hope that she doesn't think that she will be getting away with putting the real baby in the oven of her kitchen set like she does with her doll...I may have to work on her with that one before the baby comes!

It's time to rev things back up again!

It's time to rev things back up again! Our sweet girl Aubrey is now 20 months old and has gone from baby to toddler in the blink of an eye. Catch up with my family and how things have changed in the pictures below.

I will be following this post with an exciting announcement, so be sure to check back!