Monday, February 24, 2014

Nursery Progress

I wanted to give a quick glimpse into how the nursery is coming along! 

Here is what we have so far:

The dresser will be moved in next weekend and I will post another update. I also bought a super soft throw rug that I will post next time as well.  

After next weekend, the only thing we will be missing is the Chair/Rocker/Glider. I am still completely undecided on that subject!

Amanda Nicol ♥

Painted Nursery Dresser

Hi everyone! I am so excited about this post! I have been working on Aubrey's nursery and I had to share this dresser redo that I did this weekend.

I knew I wanted a french provincial dresser for her nursery and I had been checking Craigslist every few days for the perfect one. Most were exactly what I was looking for, but with the usual hefty price tag of around $300....way out of my budget. I was psyched when I saw a listing with NO PICTURE for only $75. I emailed the lady a picture of the type of dresser I was looking for and she said it looked like that. Well, we got in the car and made the almost hour long hike to look at it. We don't mind the long haul's since we have gotten so many great deals on Craigslist because we went further.

When we got there and I first saw the dresser, I squealed. No need for negotiating with the $75 price tag so I gladly handed over my money. We loaded it in the truck and I was so excited...I knew exactly how I wanted to refinish it!

          This is what my awesome Craigslist find looked like after we picked it up:

After a couple of weeks I had finally found the "perfect" two colors for the dresser. Those who know me know that I am SUPER PICKY when it comes to paint colors. Down to the slightest hue difference. Luckily, I nailed this one!

I went with Benjamin Moore - Orchid Pink (036) for the dresser.
I used Sherwin Williams- Super Paint in Semi Gloss.
& for the gold, I used Design Master in 24kt Pure Gold.

I wiped the dresser down with Lysol wipes to get any gunk or residue that may have built up over the years.

Sand. I used a sanding block and went over all of the surfaces to slightly rough it up. I wanted to avoid priming on this project (I know..). My dad used his electric sander to get the top surface really well.

Spray paint the hardware. I took them all off and put them in a cardboard box. Spray away!

Paint!! I did two coats of the Super Paint in Orchid Pink. I waited about 4 hours in between coats to make sure it was dry.

             This is what I had at that point... 

Looks great, doesn't it?! This is when its tempting to stop. It looked good already, why keep going? Because I knew it was about to look even better!!

I taped off the bottom section of the dresser. I wanted this this to look like it was dipped in liquid gold :)
...Spray it on!

I can't even tell you how IN LOVE I am with this dresser. It is going to look amazing in her nursery!

           Check out the after shots below!!!

Amanda Nicol ♥