Monday, June 9, 2014

Invitation & Utensil Holder HOW TO

I have gotten a ton of emails asking about my wedding invitations and utensil holders. I thought it would be easier to do a new post specifically on the How To. They were actually super easy!

Wedding Invitations

First things first, I bought a kit at Michaels Craft Store.
There were the BRIDES brand. The don't sell them online but HERE is the product info. Don't forget to use the 40% off coupons!

Then I downloaded some fonts that I liked from online for free.
I used this site HERE. You can Google how to install new fonts on your computer.
OR you can just use ones you already have, a little easier.
(I used fonts called "Anthro" and "Great Vibes". For the invitation I used different but similar fonts, the cursive font was ALS Script and the regular print looks like Arial or Arial Unicode.)

I just used Microsoft Word to type the invitations with the wording I liked. Just change the size of the paper in Page Layout before you start anything. The kit comes with a link to the templates for each item in the kit. Just practice with regular sized paper first to make sure you like it before you use one of you invites.

It sounds like a lot, but it really wasn't that hard. I just did all of each thing, then moved to the next. Make sure to save all of the templates once you get them right. In case you need to print a new one of anything.

(It all came together! The twine came pre-cut for each envelope and the round tags came in it as well. They came un-punched out on paper so you can run them through a printer for the initials, then you just pop them out. Seriously, we saved a ton of money doing these ourselves and they looked so custom. They even came with the RSVP cards and the envelopes for them. With the 40% coupon that Michaels puts out each came to $23.99 for each box of 30 invites. Can't beat it!)

Utensil Holders

As for the utensil holders, I found a roll of burlap in Michaels Craft Stores that was the perfect width. I just cut them in strips long enough for the utensils to fit in and then hot glued the edges. This made the pocket for the utensils. Then I found a lace I liked and hot glued that on. (I put a piece of paper in the holder while gluing the lace on so it didnt soak through and seal the holder)

Easy peasy!


  1. Probably a goofy question, but was there an envelope for mailing?

    1. Yes there was! They were plain white. I printed the envelopes on the computer to make them look like I did Calligraphy :)

    2. Is there a link you can send me for that coupon. I can't seem to find it.

  2. Is there a store in Australia to buy the kit as Michaels is overseas.

  3. Im having trouble printing out my tags :( they jam everytime they go through the printer. any tips?? how did you print yours?

    1. I was lucky that they ran through my printer okay. Maybe try on a different printer? So sorry that that is happening. Maybe you can buy a stamp at the craft store instead of printing?