Friday, March 1, 2013

Townhouse Privacy In A Pretty Way

Well, I did it! I had been wanting to do something with the transom above our front door. I most commonly see curtains, but I wanted something different. So I got on the internet and looked for some other options to add privacy to a window. I found exactly what I was looking for!

I took a outline of a pattern that I got from the internet, and traced it onto a manila folder. I cut it out, and that gave me my stencil. I took a $6 roll of Con Tact paper, unrolled it, and got to tracing. I drew and cut out about 40 pieces.

Then, my friend Jamie came over to help me stick them on. I was placing them on the window (peel and stick!) and she was peeling the backings off for me as I went. It made it so much easier not having to stop between putting up each piece. When we were done, I took my fiances razor blade and cut the extra off the ones that went off the edge of the window.

SO happy with how this turned out! SO SO happy! I feel like it makes our home look so stylish.

This whole project only took about 2 hours with the tracing, cutting and putting up. WELL worth my time!