Friday, March 4, 2016

Books, books and more books!

My family comes from a long line of book readers. My mom was always taking me to the library as a child and books were a very big part of our daily routine. Ever since becoming a Mother myself, I have noticed that I have already incorporated books into my daughter's daily routine as well. We have quite time at least once a day where she opens a large drawer of book and we read as many as she wants, plus, there is always a story or two before bed. On nice days, we walk to our local library and fill up a big bag of books she picked out and take them home.

If you love to grow your children's book collection like us, you know how expensive it can become. Which is why yard sales are usually my go to when it comes to picking up new books to purchase. Recently, I heard that our local library has a Used Book Sale once or twice a year. It is a 3 day sale, and on days 1 and 2, children's books are only $0.50 each!

Today I had a chance to run in and pick some up to split between my house and Aubrey's Mimi's house. I picked up 36 Board Books for a grand total of $15.00! They threw in the few extra for free because some were small and I had bought so many.

Yes, all of those for $15.00!

If you are from my area (Bel Air, MD) it is the Bel Air Public Library that is having the sale right now!
You can find more info on the event HERE.

If you are not from Maryland, call your local public library and ask them if they host sales similar to this one!

It's A......Gender Reveal!

Baby number two is getting bigger and bigger. We are so anxious to welcome our new addition and to see Aubrey become a big sister. Only three more months until we will be a family of 4. Take a look at my bump update from 24 weeks!

We are pleased to announce...


Names are still up in the air for now, but the nursery is underway! Keep following for nursery pictures and details to come!