Friday, August 1, 2014

Baby K'tan Review

About the carrier...

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is an innovative soft cotton baby carrier that is an ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, providing the positions and benefits of all three. There is no other carrier available like it. It is a ready-to-wear wrap that enables parents & caregivers to comfortably carry infants and toddlers (from birth to 3 years) in multiple positions.

Double-Sling Design:
  • Rests on both shoulders
  • Multiple wearing positions holds babies 8lb to 35lb
  • Double loop provides extra security for baby

No wrapping involved: Watch Video!
  • Easy to put on with no wrapping!
  • Less fabric than a wrap
  • Comes ready to wear
  • Simple to remove
100% soft cotton carrier:
  • No buckles, rings or snaps
  • Multiple positions
  • Machine washable and dryer safe

My thoughts on the carrier...

I was lucky enough to be able to work with Baby K'tan and review on of their carriers. I was provided with an Organic Baby K'tan in a size XS.

First of all, sizing was really easy. There is a chart that tells you what size carrier you will need based on your size or pre-pregnancy size. I was a size 0 before pregnancy, so the XS was perfect for me. I also really loved that they offer an organic carrier. I try to keep as many baby items as I can organic for my little girl.

My daughter was born at 7lb 9oz, so by two weeks she was over the 8 lb starting limit....ready to use the Baby K'tan! The picture above was our first time using the carrier. We went on a walk around the neighborhood and hug out with our neighbors. It was really great to not have to strap her into the stroller just to get some fresh air. She really enjoyed being close to me, falling asleep almost instantly!

We also ventured to the beach when Aubrey was 3 weeks old. We pulled out the K'tan again for a walk on the beach! She was super comfortable during our walk. The carrier is 100% cotton which allowed her to enjoy the weather without getting hot.We walked for about a mile and it was great.

(it may look like baby is covered by fabric, but the fabric was plenty far away from her face. I had it pulled up higher to prevent sunburn on her)

What I loved...

I love that this carrier is easy to use. I do not need to worry about how to wrap.
I love that the K'tan is 100% cotton. This was super important for our summer baby!
I love that I could use this almost from the time I brought her home, and can use it up until she is 35 lbs!
I love how comfortable me and Aubrey were!

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Introducing Aubrey Nicol!

My sweet little girl has finally arrived! Introducing my perfect Aubrey Nicol...

She was born on July 7th with an adorable head of hair!

My husband and I couldn't be happier that she is finally here. We are very excited to be mommy and daddy! She is the best thing to happen to us!