Friday, January 25, 2013

Befores & Afters- Our Home ♥

As promised, this post is going to show you a bunch of befores and afters of our home! It looks us 3 months and we did everything but the carpet ourselves (thanks to my dad and my amazing fiance!...and me of course!)

***You can click the images to make them bigger***

These are some BEFORES of the living room:

And some AFTERS:

BEFORE of Kitchen Eating Area:
AFTER of Kitchen Eating Area:

BEFORES of the Master Bedroom:

AFTERS of the Master Bedroom (First one shows layout, second shows the color in daytime!)

Guest Bedroom...BEFORE

Guest Bedroom AFTER

My favorite for last....The KITCHEN BEFORES!

Kitchen AFTERS! (this was RIGHT after they brought our counters, all cleaned up and decorated now, will update pic later!)

Thanks so much for looking! I will update the pictures as I find time to take them! Things have been changing constantly as we get more comfortable. The sofa has already been repositioned and we have only been in for a month!We still have the 3 bathrooms to finish, we should be getting to them sooner than later!


  1. Great job with the renovations! Reminded me of some of the homes you see on HGTV =)

  2. Manda:
    Your house is incrediable you all did such a great job!