Friday, June 21, 2013

Something Interesting


My dad is involved in a new company called BZooKS. It's pretty cool once you get the idea of it. Here's how it works. They copyright & publish YOUR books. Then, they list them on their site for people to download....and you get PAID for it!

If you're a writer:
      -You write a book
           - Get it Copyrighted & Publish by BZooKs
                -You get PAID & get your name out there!
"Imagine a road without tolls. Without speed bumps. Without obstructions of any kind. A clear path to fulfilling your dreams. A world without gatekeepers. A place where your talent can flourish, while instantly, effortlessly reaching a worldwide audience. This is BZooKS. A new paradigm in publishing. Much more than just a website. BZooKS is the ultimate VIP pass to seeing your work in print. 

No longer will faceless, nameless editors be allowed to block your literary ambitions. At BZooKS you decide when to publish your writing. Simply upload a file of your manuscript. BZooKS then converts it into an e-book you can begin selling online almost instantly. Think of it as one stop shopping for all of your publishing needs. It's fast, easy, and secure. It's a writer's dream come true."

If you're a reader:
     -Download the BZooKs app
         -On there you will find FREE books that they put on "special"
              - Also, find books that are unique to this app, find them before everyone else!

"BZooKS is an endless treasure trove of new writing.  Here you'll find the very latest in fiction and non-fiction from a wide range of authors—authors who have previously been denied access to the marketplace. At BZooKS you may discover the next Hemingway, the next Faulkner, the next Mailer. Diamonds in the rough. Much of which won't be available anywhere else. New writing. New possibilities. At unbelievable prices. BZooKS. A new kind of online bookstore."


Something to think about for both writers and readers!

Amanda ♥

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