Monday, April 7, 2014

Nursery Chair Debate

Picking a nursery chair for baby girl's nursery has been a task. This is what I have gone through...

Option #1: Was to use the old rocker that has been handed down from my grandfather. I was rocked in it as a baby, and would have loved to use it to rock my daughter. It would just need a coat of fresh paint and a comfy cushion. The problem? I was pretty set on an upholstered chair of some sort. I would love to be able to fall asleep in the chair if needed. We decided to use this in the nursery at my parents house for when Aubrey visits.

Option #2: To pick any of those BEAUTIFUL upholstered rockers/gliders that you see at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, etc. Except, they are all SO expensive. Most of the ones I like are over $1,000...for a CHAIR! That's a no-can-do for this frugal girl.

Option #3: The famous IKEA Erktorp Jennylund chair. I have seen so many bloggers use this chair and attach a rocker base on it (extra $40). I was pretty sure this was what we were going to use. There were a few days when I was ready to head to IKEA and bring it home. I'm not sure about IKEA's return policy and the closest store is a bit of a drive for me. This is still an open option....but I wanted to try another first.

Option #4: I found an upholstered rocker on Walmarts website. They are out of stock most of the time. When they are in stock, they usually only have 1 color available at a time. It had been forever and the only colors I saw become ready were Chocolate and Demin. Not for me. Well, the Beige cover was available today, so I bit the bullet and ordered the chair. It was free shipping and Walmart is GREAT with returns. If this chair doesn't work out, I will return and try the IKEA Jennylund route.


  1. I'm thinking about ordering this chair. Do you love it? Is it comfortable?

    1. It is very comfortable and very pretty. It is a better quality than I would have thought! I have it on thick carpet and it does not rock much though, so that may matter to you. Other than that, we love it!