Friday, October 17, 2014

Ten Items To Have For Newborn

I was constantly scouring the internet for “first time mom” tips when I was pregnant with Aubrey. I would look at a ton of others moms Must Have lists and compare. There were a few things that I saw on most of the lists, so I made sure to register for them. I am so glad I did my research!

Most of you don’t know this: My husband and I had never even held a baby until our own. Yes, I know it is hard to believe! We were so excited about becoming parents, but hadn’t the slightest idea of what we were doing. This explains my abundance of Google and blog searches. I couldn’t be happier with what I learned!

Here are a list of what my husband and I consider our “things we are glad we bought” for a Newborn. I don’t want to call them “Must Haves” because every baby is different.

First, I want to say how grateful I am for the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle 'n Swing that my mother bought us. I was deliriously tired the first two weeks and this wonderful, incredible swing put my daughter right to sleep. We didn’t use it for every nap, but when we had no energy left in our bones to sing and rock her to sleep, this saved us!

Rock n Play
No one warned me that some babies (ours) would refuse to sleep flat on their back. Our daughter ended up sleeping on my chest the first week because we could not get her to sleep on her back. This product was our answer. It could have been the incline, or the fact that she was snuggled in on both sides- but she loved it!

Pack n Play
Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones, and your little one sleeps in a crib from night one. These are perfect for keeping next to the bed, just make sure yours has a bassinet attachment. Ours had a diaper changing attachment also that we used constantly (even when she was sleeping in the rock n play). We transitioned her into this, and phased out the Rock n Play around week 9. I bought ours used and gave it a good cleaning with Dreft in the tub.

Snap-Down Sleepers
I can’t stress how much Carters Sleep and Plays saved me! Aubrey seemed so fragile and the idea of having to put onesies over her head terrified me. Especially if she had a overflow diaper and needed a changing. We preferred the snaps instead of the zippers. For diaper changes, baby stays warm since you only need to unsnap the bottom few, instead of unzipping the whole way down.

Burp cloths
Tip: Register for a ton of these if you hate doing laundry like I do.

Diaper Caddy
A neighbor gave me one of these while I was pregnant and I am so glad she did (thanks Bridget!). It holds diapers, changing mat, powder, wipes, diaper rash cream and everything you need. We keep it in our living room so there is no need to take her upstairs to change her diaper (when you have a blowout diaper, you will appreciate not having to carry baby and smoosh it all around!)

Travel system
Put baby in car seat, transfer to stroller. Easy stuff! We have the Quinny Buzz Extra and the Maxi Cosi AP car seat to go with it. We love it! My mom, who watches Aubrey for me on working days, has the Britax B Agile and B Safe system and we love that one also!

Baby Carrier
I found my Ergo Baby at Marshalls for $59.00! Sometimes I use the stroller, but other times I love to put her in the carrier and wear her around the mall. We have also used it a ton in the house when I want to be close to her while I get my household chores done. 

Play mat
You will be so happy to have one of these when your newborn starts reacting to things. I will never forget the first time I put her down on it just to see what she did. Her eyes lit up and I was so happy to be able to have her start learning!

Healthcare Kit, Tylenol & Gas Drops.
We knew to register for the first aid kit, because it was on the list that Toys R Us gave us to register from. What we didn’t think of was buying Baby Tylenol and Little Remedies gas drops. If you have a gassy baby at 4am it is much better to go downstairs and grab the drops than to need to go to the store. The Tylenol came in handy after the first set of shots at the doctors. I am so glad I had it in the house already.


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