Monday, June 2, 2014

Biggest Baby Shower Swag!

This passed Thursday I went to the Biggest Baby Shower DC hosted by Big City Moms!

It was a TON of fun! My mom and I both had passes that allowed us to get swag bags and a random prize. We came home with way more than we would have thought! Check out the pictures of our swag :)

This event was well worth traveling to while 7 months pregnant. It was nice to get out of the house and learn so much about products for my little one. Being a first time mom, there are so many products and tips that I did not know about. My mom, who came along with me, couldn't believe the new gadgets that have come out since I was born.

I feel much more prepared for Aubrey to arrive. I would recommend this event to any expecting mother. It also looks like a great event for women who are already mothers. There were a lot of moms that I talked to that had great insights on things that they can't live without, or items that they love.

I hope Big City Moms brings the Biggest Baby Shower back to my area soon so I will be able to attend!

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