Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girls Don't Poop...Poo Pourri Review

Before I tell you what I personally think about Poo Pourri, let me tell you about it.

What is it?
Poo-Pourri is a before-you-go toilet spray.

How do you use it?
*Grab your bottle of Poo~Pourri, and shake it like a salt shaka’
*Lift the toilet lid
*Spritz 4-6 sprays of Poo~Pourri into the toilet bowl, onto the surface of the water
*Take a seat, lock and load
* Flush

Check out their hilarious Poo-Pourri Commericial!

My opinion
We first discovered Poo-Pourri about a year ago in a little gift shop. We bought it as more of a silly gag item. When we got in the car, we looked it up. It has AWESOME reviews everywhere you look. On Amazon, it has a 4.8/5 Star rating on over 1,000 reviews. So if you don’t believe me, read some of those! There are also a ton of YouTube reviews.

I seriously cannot say enough about this stuff.  I am one of those girls that will keep her husband from going upstairs for an hour after I use the restroom. I can’t help it. If I don’t want to smell it, I surely don’t want him smelling it! We both use this religiously now! Yes, you still know someone went no.2, but only because of the fresh lemon meringue smell that is left behind. It is 10,000x better than filling the room with a cloud of an obvious “I just pooped” aerosol spray.

We had one bottle at first, for our bedroom bathroom. Once we realized it worked, we bought a second bottle for the main floor. After that, I HAD to have one for my office at work (we have a single, coed bathroom…Yikes!). I now also have on for my purse, in case I need to go while at a friends house.

It seems like such a comical product, but man is it amazing!

Want to buy it?

You can order directly from their website HERE

Or, as another option, you can order from AMAZON

But don't forget, you can also buy at a RETAILER near you! That way, you can open them and smell all of the scents!

They even have a money-back guarantee! 


  1. This is hilarious! But, you know what...I can absolutely see a reason to buy this! It just might come in handy!

  2. I would never have thought of anything like this. How ingenious.