Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Full Moon Baby?

Today marks my completion of 37 weeks of pregnancy. That means, today my sweet Aubrey is considered "full term" and is prepared to come into the world whenever she is ready! I love being pregnant, it has been my favorite experience of my life (so far). That doesn't go without saying that I am ready for my little girl to be here.

Someone told me that there is a belief that many women go into labor on a full moon. I had completely forgot about it until this morning. When I looked up the next full moon, I saw that it is this Friday. Yes, Friday the 13th. Now I can't help but to hope that I will be in a car on my way to the hospital sometime over the weekend! I have never been a superstitious person, but it's fun to join in on the fun.

From my Google search, it looks like it is just that, a superstition that goes back many many years. I must say, if I am one of the women that does go into labor on Friday, part of my might believe a little bit! What a fun story to be able to tell your daughter that a full moon is the reason for her birth date :)

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